Singular Buildings & Medium and Low Voltage installations.

Singular Buildings

Office buildings, cultural venues, leisure centres, hotels, hospitals.
One of the pillars of our activity is the full installation of electrics, lighting, telecommunications, HVAC system, voice and data systems for important buildings such as office buildings, hotels, sports halls, etc.

At Elmya we are committed to the historical heritage of our cities. For many years we have , participated in the lighting of individual buildings and monuments, such as the Archivo de Indias, in Seville, an important architectural site.


Throughout our history, Elmya has designed and equipped numerous developments with electrical infrastructure. These facilities include medium voltage networks, transformers, installation of street lighting and low voltage networks for new residential and commercial developments.

Our skills are proven in the design and screening of these facilities, along with the relationship with the authorities and competent utilities to obtain licenses and permits, completion of the works and subsequent maintenance of the facilities. Thus, Elmya offers a complete ‘end-to-end’ service, tailored to each client.


Elmya lights all kinds of facilities, including leisure centres, tourist areas, roads, monuments. Always using the latest technologies to provide them with the best performance and at the lowest cost.