About Us

Elmya is a Company focused on the field of renewable energy and electrical installations. It was founded in 1966 for technical solutions support at the local level, currently it is present in several countries in Europe and South America, providing development services, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance.




Elmya is a Company focused on the field of renewable energy and electrical installations. It was founded in 1966 to provide technical solutions support locally. Currently Elmya is present in several countries throughout Europe, Middle East and Latin America, providing development services, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance.


_To be a baseline organization in electrical installations and photovoltaic project development all over the world.

_Professional growth for all team members.

_Group’s company growth plus the territorial expansion.

_ Customer orientation: We promote long term relations with our clients, based on clarity, trust and excellence in services.

_ Innovation and quality: We take advantage of the opportunities and the challenges for learning and providing innovative solutions adapted to each of our customers.

_ Work team and internal talent management: Key factor of success for Elmya, this is why we foster the communication and participation from each one of the team members, powering personal and collective talent.

_ Diversity and equity: we are a diverse and multidisciplinary team, composed of women and men of different ages and nationalities. We understand our cultural, generational and of gender diversity as an asset, plus equality as the way of integrating all team members respecting diversity.

_ Environmental sustainability: Building up photovoltaic plants, we are part of the change to a social and environmentally sustainable energy model, making possible carbon free energy production.


Our History

In 1966 two friends and classmates from Industrial Engineering of the University of Seville decide to create Elmya with the initial target of constructing electrical panels for multinationals that were electrical equipment suppliers. Soon they took a step further, with the installation of those mentioned panels and Low-voltage electrical installations as a whole.

In 1969 Elmya begins to perform Medium voltage, actively participating in the irrigation system upgrading and rural electrical installations in the South of Spain.

The 80’s opened the door to electrical installations in singular buildings, collaborating in hotels construction, hospital etcetera.

The Universal Exposition in 1992 was a milestone for the city and for Elmya, not only for the construction of the EXPO facilities, but also for the infrastructure to host the events and that today remains in Seville as a symbol of the conversion that the city experienced then. Elmya was a leading player in the electrical installations, developing vials and pavilions from Seville Universal Exposition. The big icons of this period were ‘El pabellón del Futuro’, the greatest one of the Universal Exposition and bridges such as ‘Quinto Centenario’ and ‘Barqueta’, as well as SE-30 premises and several stretches of the AVE, the first high velocity train built up in Spain.

In the mid- 90’s large shopping centers received a significant boost and Elmya joined the new sector with particular enthusiasm, carrying out overall installations of baseline centers. Throughout these years Elmya creates their first supermarkets as Mercadona, commencing a close relationship which continues nowadays and has enabled us to become leaders in the Spanish business sector.

This fact, without hesitation helped to set up relations with the greatest multinationals of the retail sector, such as Carrefour, Decathlon, Media Markt, etcetera.

In the last few years Elmya has moved from being an installation company which operated at regional level into being present in both sides of the Atlantic Ocean undertaking EPC projects (turnkey contracts). In this last stage the renewable energy sector acquires special prominence. The organization built up their first installations in photovoltaic plants in 2004, given its first step of a long and successful path into the sector. Another key date was 2011, the year in which the company creates its first photovoltaic park outside Spain, commissioning an ambitious internationalization plan which has driven us to be present in Italy, United Kingdom, Peru and Chile.

It’s been half a century since this adventure started, currently boosted by a second generation that, keeping the values instilled by the founders, has as target to deepen in the existing process, the growth and internationalization of Elmya.

This long way, and the paths still to come by, would have not been possible without a cohesive team and a common objective, to maintain the increased and expansion path, making Elmya one of the baseline companies as a developer of photovoltaic plants and electrical installations.